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Monday, October 18, 2010

So you think moving and job hopping will deter me.......

Ricky was to be served in Medford, Or. but the current tenant said "they" purchased this home 3 years ago.  The plates in the driveway were given to our client but they did not match our defendant.  Ahhhh he works at a local car lot.  I called there and found out he had quit months ago to go work at another automobile dealership.  I drove there only to find out he no longer worked there either.  Client did a PO Conversion and found another address for him.......no luck.  A female neighbor living in another apt. said that she knew each of the four tenants and Ricky was not one of them.  This paper sat in the HOLD file awaiting more information when I did my weekly check through the file.  I put his name into the DexKnows.com on line and to my surprise there was my clients name with an address and a phone number.  I called court at 4:59 p.m. on a Friday and our dedicated small claim manager answered the phone.  I asked if this case was still open as it was almost 9 months old and she told me she had "just" started the dismissal proceeding.  She said it would take a few days to finalize so go try the new address.  I drove straight over to the new address and all the blinds were closed.  This apt. looked vacant from the outside.  There were old newspapers on the porch and spider webs were hanging from the rafters.  I decided to check with a neighbor before knocking on his door.  I again played dumb and asked the neighbor if Ricky lived here.  She told me that there was no Ricky here and she didn't know anyone nearby with that name.   I said, "Thank you," and proceeded to knock on "Ricky's" door.  To my surprise, a male opened the door.  The air conditioner was running, every light in the house was on as well as the stereo.  I said, "Hi, I have some documents for Ricky and handed them towards him.  He took them and said, "Thanks!"  Just like he knew I'd be by.  What I learned that day was that people are not necessarily hiding but because of the bad economy they are having to change jobs or move around into less expensive housing.  I thank my lucky stars that I have a job to go to everyday.  And I know that in one little instant my life can change forever.  Know your job, go "over and above", and be kind!!

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