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Sunday, December 26, 2010

So your aim was to AVOID service by not answering the door......

hhhmmmppppp!!!  Won't happen!!  One of my younger male servers told me this story.  He had knocked on a door fully expecting to serve this defendent as her car was in her drive way.  "Hmmm, no answer?  OK I'll try again later," he says to himself.  He jots down the license plate of FODGE.  The server's wife was in the car and she wanted to go to the dollar store located a mile down the road.  They went in and did their shopping and had just finished putting their bags in the car when the server looked up and saw the plate FODGE parked across from his.  Just then a lady came out of the super market next to the Dollar Store and opened the door of the FODGE car.  My server being so very polite went up to her and said, "Excuse me, I'm not following you, but I was just at your house trying to delivery this paper but no one answered."  The lady took the paper and got in her car and slammed the door.  So much for reciprocation of respect.  Blame it on the messenger!!  SERVED!!


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