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Friday, November 12, 2010

So you thought you could lie to me...........

At the address given our server was told that the defendant she was looking for "used" to be this gal's roommate.  She also said that she kicked her out 2 weeks ago and she hopes to never see her again.  Hmmmmm....  We put in a call to our client and sure enough the very same car that's in this driveway is registered to "our" defendant.  We are back to door knocking but she will NOT open the door or acknowledge us in any way.  Our attempts continue for a few weeks to no avail.  She knows we are on to her.  Our server returns the paper to me and I go check with her next door neighbor.  Yep, Sheila lives next door but is hardly ever seen outside.  (We know why!)  So I wait until I'm working a late night shift and I park my car a couple of doors down near a nightclub.  I walk to the front of her yard but out side of her fence and I shine my Redline Flashlight into her front window.  Just slowly back and forth, shining my light on the walls of her living room and back out again.  No one opens the door.  I walk up to the porch and shine my light onto another wall of the living room.  I've got to get this gal to open her front door so there is nothing between her or I so I can legally serve her.  Pretty soon I see a face peeking ever so slowly from the side of the window.  I shake the paper in my hand where she can see it and say, "You're served!".  I "pretend" to leave the porch and the front door flies open and she's screaming something indecipherable. It was then that I turned around and actually dropped the papers at her feet while telling her, "you are drop served and it is a legal service".  I walked to my car, jumped in and turned around to drive back past her house.  And there she was, a grown woman, cursing, jumping up and down in the street while tearing her papers into little tiny pieces. I couldn't help myself, I rolled the window down and yelled, "You're served"!      And home I went...night shift over!      Remember!  Quality Process Serving  Medford, Oregon 97501      ALWAYS going "over and above" to get the job done!  My cell:  541-840-3991

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