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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So you thought you could hide....

I have served “this” particular gentleman before. He's very evasive but owns a business or two in Medford, Oregon so it's easy to "serve" him as all I have to do is "office serve" to one of his employee's at one of his yogurt shops.
He had sold his business's or lost them, I'm not sure which, when I received another legal document for him. My instruction sheet from my client tells me that he's living at 3902 Cascadia Hills Rd, in Eagle Point, Or. I know from past serves that this address is his fathers home and not his. It also says that he's currently working at "Ye Olde Shoppe" in Medford. One of my female servers knows him from her High School days so she calls him and chats him up. She finds out that he now has a wife and baby and has settled down. My server tells him that we again have legal documents for him. He tells his old friend that he doesn't want to be served and she tells him that she'll have to come to his place of business. He tells her that he's not working at "Ye Olde Shoppe" anymore. So, as the owner of QPS (Quality Process Serving), I take the paper and get to work figuring out how I'm going to serve this guy. I drive by his POE listed on our instruction sheet. I can see that this is the building that his dad owned a manufacturing business at. I'm thinking that dad might still own the building. I check my assessors office web site and sure enough his daddy still owns the building. I decide to find out who is running the new business located here. I go to the Oregon Corporation web site and enter the business name, "Ye Olde Shoppe" into the name field. It says that Chantilly Probst owns this business. I put her name into the DexKnow.com site and it gives me her home address. I drive by that address and take some plate numbers and verify them with cars parked at "Ye Olde Shoppe". Bingo! My guys significant other is possibly the owner of the business now located at his dad's old place of business. This makes sense. She owns the business but HE is helping her without benefit of a pay check or the possibility of getting his wages garnished. What a way to abuse the system almost legally. I wonder why he's hiding under her skirts? Wonder aside, I walk in and a male who fits the description that my server gave me is just about to walk out of the office. I say, “Hi, are you Joshua?” He says, “yes”.  I say, “I have some legal documents for you.” I hand them to him and he's too stunned to refuse. I say, “Thank you”, and out I walk. Boy that felt great!!! Served!! Job done! My client never knew how far “over and above” I went to get their paper served. But I knew. It's my job and I take it seriously. So do my servers.


  1. Great story, this one had me laughing pretty hard. Keep up the great work and I am glad to see you got a blog going. Talk to you soon.

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